Sep 30, 2009

September gallery reveal favorites!

Yes, I realize it's been over a week since the September kit gallery was revealed... BUT ... it's like a tradition here at Label Tulip to highlight a few gallery favorites so here I go! Also, the two add-on kits are not sold out yet so you may want to check them out!

First, our guest designer for September, Tina- 1995 Wiser.
Love the design with the large white strip of journaling, small photo and pops of color! perfect~

Holly's thankful card just puts me in a Fall mood! Love the pretty layering!

Anabelle's hey girl- gorgeous design and just look at the intricate cutting work she did!

Christina- 18. - Amazing work. I love how she took apart the large Prima flower and used it on this page! Ingenious!

Dani- Kiss Me. I'm such a sap about men and their children. This page is sweetness and beautiful design rolled into one!

Julie- Day Dusk Dark. Love the photo progression here and fun design!

Kimberly- Poppy's rule. What a gorgeous page with the pink and all those amazing butterflies!

Leslie- dear Leslie. Love the techniques and layering on here! So much eye candy!

Be sure to check out the Challenge area for this months challenge, member lift, close ups of the projects and lots of fun tips!

Also, be on the look out for some little hints at October's kit!

Sep 29, 2009

Paper Wreath Tutorial!

Hey everyone! A sweet lady showed me this simple way to fold a punched circle at CHA... she showed me how I could make a flower from the folded circles. I have since had this idea pop into my head. I went out the other day and got everything I needed for this project. The beauty of this project is that it's not really that difficult and it can be changed based on the holiday or season. You could make a valentine wreath, easter wreath, halloween wreath, fall, etc. by simply changing the color/pattern of the paper you choose and changing the embellishments you use... maybe some easter eggs for easter or some stars for the fourth of july!

First, the finished product:

here's what you need:
1. Patterned Papers (you need at least 2 sheets and possibly more if your wreath is large)
2. Styrofoam wreath (I used a small one - aprox 8.5 inches across). I also chose a white wreath but you could probably save time by getting one of the green colored ones.
3. Paint- if you need to paint your syrofoam
4. Hole punch (mine is 1 3/8")
5. Mounting double sided tape (or your favorite craft glue)
6. Brads, sequins or embellishments of choice
7. Straight pins
8. ribbon

I used Piggy Tales patterned papers, Creative Imaginations brads and flowers. Making Memories leaf straight pins, WRMK glittered brads.

I painted my white syrofoam green with pebbles inc acrylic paint and allowed it to dry completely.
Cut many, many circles from patterned paper using your hole punch. Then, fold them all...

If you want to hang your wreath with a ribbon then start by tying and securing your ribbon around your wreath.
Cut your mounting tape into thin strips (I found that the scotch mounting strips I was using were too thick). Place the folded circles inside one another and mount onto foam wreath. Cover the entire wreath with folded circles as seen.

Next, embellish away. I found that I needed to add a bit of adhesive to the base of some of my brads to make sure they stayed in place. Then I used straight pins to pin my "poinsettia" flowers in place up at the top. Hang and enjoy!

As far as storage goes- My wreath is small enough that I carefully placed it in a gallon ziploc storage bag. Just make sure the wreath isn't placed under something that could squish the leaves.

Be sure to show me your creation if you choose to make one of these!

Sep 28, 2009

Card Kits are coming to Label Tulip!

Hi everyone!

As you may have heard, Jennifer and I have decided to put together

card kits that you can purchase monthly here at Label Tulip! The card kits will begin next month in October and are just going to be sold as an add-on kit right now. No subscription needed! You pick and choose which card kits you want to buy. This kit is going to feature 12x12 papers, so please feel free to use it for layouts, or anything your heart desires to create. However, a bonus that you get when you purchase this kit is a full set of directions including photos and patterns to make 4 cards created by me! You will NOT need to purchase the directions separately. Upon purchase, you will be sent a code to go on-line and obtain the directions.

I wanted to show you a sample or two of what you will get with your card kit, so here are directions for two cards that I made last month with the add-on kits!

Hi Butterfly card:

  1. Cut pink paper from kit 6” x 9 ½”. Fold in half for card base.
  2. Attach 2 butterfly stickers near top of card base. Cut around butterflies, cutting the extra paper away (see photo).

  1. Cut purple paper 4 ½” x 4 ½”. Cut floral paper with butterflies on it 4 ¼” x 4 ¼”. Attach to purple paper.
  2. Cut a 5 ½” length piece of the Prima flower sprig and adhere to card with glue dots. Attach a piece of the felt leaf sticker near the top also. Attach letter stickers to spell “hi” (or any sentiment you wish). Zig zag stitch under the sentiment with sewing machine.
  3. Wrap finished front piece with ribbon and tie in a bow. Cut a tiny square of ribbon to attach to the dot of the I in “hi”.
  4. Adhere finished card front to the card base.

Finished size: 6”high x 4 3/4” wide (with butterflies hanging off the top).

I *Heart* You card:

  1. Fold green Prima packaging in half for card base. You may have to cut the bottom edges slightly to make the card stand up straight (the scallop on the bottom of the Prima packaging). Just trim straight across with scissors.
  2. Cut kraft colored Prima packaging 4” x 3 ¼”. Brush edges with white paint. Zig zag stitch with sewing machine along the bottom left edge. (see photo above) Attach to card front.
  3. Cut arrow using pattern that is included from the black floral paper. Fold ribbon over onto itself several times, every ½ inch or so. Tuck under edge of arrow and stitch onto arrow with sewing machine. Adhere a pearl to the point of the arrow. Attach finished arrow to card.
  4. Pop out letters to spell “I” and “you”. Adhere them to the right edge of card, so they hang off the edge of the card.

  1. Using a heart shaped punch from your supplies, punch red plaid paper into a heart shape. Tuck heart under kraft paper and adhere between “I” and “you”.

Finished size: 4 ¾” x 4 ¾”. (with everything hanging off the edges.)

We hope you will enjoy the lower price point to these ($20-25). Please let us know if you have any wishes for particular items in the card kits as well!


Sep 27, 2009

**Label Tulip Kits...get SHIMMER(Z)--ized...**

Hi everyone!!
I'm just here today to show you how much FUN I had using September's Label Tulip
kits with my favorite embellishment right now....spray on shimmer, paint on shimmer...

For instance...this layout:

I cut the large butterfly from the Hambly paper (in the add on kit) and
used temporary adhesive to hold it down as I sprayed Shimmerz (spritz)
on top of it, leaving the butterfly image.  I sprayed the entire kraft (packaging)
paper and let it dry.  (it dries really fast!) then I traced around the butterfly
and used it as my journal box. I also painted Shimmerz paint around the edges
for dimensional effect.

In this project:

I sprayed Shimmerz Spritz on the white frame I used for my fall art piece.

and for this layout:

I used Shimmerz paint to paint my letters and sprayed Spritz on top for more of a "shimmer" feel.

The gorgeous kit this month was so fun to play with and "Shimmer(z)" right UP!

I think I **might** have heard there **might** be some fun tutorials coming up?

On that note...I hope your have a very Shimmer(z)-ized day as you tiptoe
through Label Tulip...


Sep 26, 2009

Our New Design Team Coordinator and September Kit Info

Hey there Tulip fans! I hope you all are having a GREAT weekend with your friends and family. After the torrential downpours of rain we've had lately, we actually have a beautiful, sunny, not-too-hot day here in Austin. Of course my daughter wants to go see "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", but hey, at least it's family time!

Our New Design Team Coordinator!

As you know, I announced our new Tulip Girls on the 24th, but mysteriously, there was no mention of our new Design Team Coordinator. ;-) Well, that's because our new DTC deserves her own special day, dontcha think? Our previous DTC, Holly Hanks, has left Label Tulip after a year and a half to pursue some of her other interests, but I am pleased to announce that our *new* DTC is none other than Ms Julie Fei-Fan Balzer! I am sooooo excited and proud to have Julie as our new Coordinator, she's just the perfect fit. Julie hails from NYC and is one busy lady -- check out her bio to read about all the amazing projects she's involved with on a daily basis. Due to our mutual love of the theater, arts, and scrapbooking, it makes me sad that we don't live closer because I know we'd be hanging out all the time! I have no idea how she finds time to scrap, but her designs are so edgy, original, and gorgeous. Julie has definitely earned this title and I hope all will give her a warm welcome as she "moves up" in the Label Tulip team. I am truly honored that she has accepted the position and am so lucky to have her!

Status on Kit Shipping
I also wanted to take a moment to update you on the September kits. Normally, as our schedule states, we ship anywhere from the 20th-24th of each month. Well gals, I have to tell you, out of *everything* that I have learned in the past month, billing and shipping are by far the hardest part of running Label Tulip. The kits will be shipped out no later than Monday (some are on their way out the door right now) and should arrive by the end of the week for sure. I really appreciate your patience and understanding during this crazy first month of owning Label Tulip. I want you to know I've had several moments where I've sat in front of the computer and just cried out of frustration; I feel so bad that the kits are late because I pride myself in delivering the highest quality merchandise in the highest quality way. I promise next month everything will be running smooth as buttah and your kits will be shipped during normal shipping dates. If you have any questions at all, you are always more than welcome to email me at

In closing I'd like to say that the October merchandise has begun to arrive and you all are going to be so THRILLED at what I have in store for you. There are 4, yes 4, different paper vendors in the main kit and the Etsy Extra has been handmade *especially* for our kit. And wait til you see the Card Kit that Dani is putting together -- to die for! It's so hard to keep the secret! I hope you all have a great weekend.


Sep 24, 2009

Announcing the New Tulip Girls!

Yes, it's the moment you've been waiting for! Our new Label Tulip Design Team members have been chosen. Boy, was it a tough job! We had a total of 189 entries; unbelievable! I saw some of the most beautiful layouts ever, and it was soooooo hard in making this choice. In fact, even though we only had 2 spots open, I decided to create a third position because I liked one of our entrants so much and thought she'd be perfect to help me out. In addition to the 2 members that I will introduce you to below, we have a third member coming on as our Marketing Coordinator. This position was created so that the individual with the job can help spread the message of Label Tulip ("Your Scrapbook Home"), recruit new members to our message forums, assist with advertising, contests, and all in all in be a communication source for the Label Tulip team. I realized after owning the company for less than a month that I was going to need some serious help! I want to be able to communicate every day with all of our great subscribers and forum members, but I was running so low on time and energy because I was also busy spreading the Label Tulip message. With this new position, I'm now able to focus more on being here for YOU, our Label Tulip fans and customers. So, without further adieu, here are the new team members.......

Dedra Long | Tulip Girl with a heart

My name is Dedra Long and I live in Gilbert, Arizona. I'm married to the love of my life, Jon and we have a teenage daughter named Shelby and Ellie who is almost 7. I started scrapbooking in 1996 after my oldest daughter was born and then I stopped. I then started a candle making business with one of my best friends. We eventually got burned out (no pun intended. LOL!)
After being diagnosed with Stage III Cancer and the birth of our second daughter I remember walking into a craft store and picking up a magazine called Creating Keepsakes. I remember thinking: "This is how I can document our family and the love we share." "This is how my children will know who we are and what they mean to Jon and I." That was 2003 and I have been hooked ever since.

I have had the opportunity to participate on design teams both on.line and local scrapbook stores, as well as teach various classes.
My passion has always been creating and designing in my studio. I currently work at and love it.
When I'm not in my studio I can be found making candles, traveling to little cities outside of Phoenix or shopping for antiques.
I have a SERIOUS LOVE for old cameras. My Grandmother gave me quite a few a couple of years ago. Needless to say I have them throughout our home.

One of the great things about this passion I have for scrapbooking is meeting such amazing, talented ladies that become friends. I'm so honored to be apart of the Label Tulip community.
Blog | Between Us

Sasha Holloway | Tulip Girl with some sass

... I was born overseas to Army parents that named me Sasha

.. I met and married my dream guy in the Air Force 23 yrs after that and we have 2 children

.. I am almost 4 scrappy years old at the age of 33 ..

So now that we have the particulars out the way .. I love to scrapbook for me and certain things for my kids. I honestly love to shop for the new papers out there and mix them all up with different lines and “make it work”. I consider my style free balling and very daring at times. I love to journal and write my real and true emotions down. I feel that not all scrapbooking topics have to be all fancy, clean and smoldered. I think and believe it is okay to be you and allow at times your soul to flow on paper with a little color.

I am currently stationed out here in NM and I am looking forward to moving back overseas in a few months to the UK. I have been very grateful for opportunities that the military has given our family and my previous life before my own kids. I have been to almost every country and I fluently speak 2 other languages. I do have 2 degree’s and wonder honestly which one I am going to eventually use. I am currently focusing on my Photography business that is literally 9 yrs in the making. I am definitely a keep it real kinda girl .. who at times could give a flying .. oh wait let me stop right there. As I was saying .. I tend to just be a little too honest for some.

I currently design for Graphic 45, Glitz and my new challenge blog Point Blank Period which I created for scrapbookers, art journalers and other artist of all kind to stop caring and just create and be free .. with no judgments. I have been a guest designer in the past for Making Memories, Noel Mignon, Creative Scrappers and next month October Afternoon. I am very honored and grateful to be a part of such a fabulous team of talented ladies and wonderful company. Thank You Label Tulip for the opportunity to do what I love .. while eating my Core Skittles and Hot Tamales .. oh and I dare you to touch my butterfly punch .. .. all the while creating.
Blog | SassySasha

Amy Coose | Label Tulip Marketing Coordinator with the 411

My name is Amy Coose and I am a transplanted Texan living in Virginia. I have a wonderful hubby who's put up with me for almost 14 years, a son Austin (see you can't take the Texas out of the girl) who's 10 and a daughter Georgia who is 8. I also have a very stubborn schnoodle named Lily. I have been scrapbooking for almost 10 years, and love what this hobby has become to me. I use it not only to preserve my memories, but also as a creative outlet, and I can't imagine going a day without it. I have met some wonderful people and made some amazing friendships through scrapbooking and I am truly thankful for that.
When I am not scrapping, which is not very often, I teach a preschool class a few days a week. I am addicted to coffee, seriously addicted, and I spend way too much time on the computer. I am thrilled to be a part of this adventure with Jennifer and the Tulip Girls and can't wait for all the fabulous things that Label Tulip is going to bring.
Blog | Amy Coose

Sep 23, 2009

Our Very Own Leslie Ashe is a Celebrity!!

Hey Gals!
Just popping in to let you know that Leslie is being featured over at A Paper Life. She has a brand new Podcast interview where you can listen to her talk about all her scrapbook adventures, including her amazing work with Label Tulip. Leslie is so clever, smart, and articulate -- you don't want to miss it!

Click here to link to the interview and listen to the Podcast!

Sep 21, 2009

Design Team Call Confusion -- Deadline TONIGHT!

Hi Ya'll!
So, my bad...that's what happens when I lay in the sun for a day -- my brain gets friend! I mistakenly said that the Design Team Call ends today instead of when it was supposed to end on Friday, but hey, that means it's your lucky ducky day! You have until 11:59PST tonight to get your submission in and we will be announcing the winner on Friday September 25th. I would announce the winner sooner, but ladies, I have over 100 design team submissions to review!! OMG, it's amazing! How am I ever going to chose? You all are the most talented bunch of gals out there, I wish I could take you all...but please, no matter what the results, continue to post in our gallery and remain a member of our forums; we have grown leaps and bounds in the past few weeks and there's such a sense of family and crazy art-making going on -- let's keep it up!!

Sep 20, 2009

Share Label Tulip With a Friend and WIN!

**Don't forget deadline for Design Team Call is 9/21 11:59pm PST. Email:**

Hello Everyone and I hope you have had a GREAT weekend! After taking in a little summer sun, things are all a-buzz here at Label Tulip! The September kits sold out so fast and there are only a few cardstock and add-ons left -- hurry while they last! With an AMAZING October kit right around the corner (I spent the weekend planning the kit, it's amazing, 4 different varieties of paper, amazing embellies, you're going to LOVE IT!), the deadline for the Design Team Call ending tomorrow 9/21 at 11:59pm PST, and so many new ideas running around in my brain I want to introduce to the club, I thought maybe it's time to have a CONTEST and get some of these ideas goin'!!!

Yes, that's right, it's contest time. For the next 2 weeks, we are featuring the "Share Label Tulip With a Friend" contest. This contest has 2 ways to win, so please make sure you read carefully so you don't miss out on your chance to pick up one of these FABulous prizes!

1. Forum Freebie RAWK
--For every friend that you can encourage to sign up for and "play" around in our forums, both you and your friend will be eligible to win a Label Tulip RAWK (photo to be released later this week on the blog, but I promise you, it's a good one!). Here are the rules: when your friend signs up for the forums, please have them send me a PM with their name and your name. During the next 2 weeks, they must post at least 10 times in the forum; on October 5th, we will announce the winners and each one will receive the RAWK kit. So, for example, if you encourage your friend Jenny to sign up, Jenny will PM me with her name and yours after registering in the forums. You are eligible to win for each friend that enters. Our online community continues to grow leaps and bounds and this is just one more way we can share our wonderful Label Tulip Message Forums with as many friends as possible.

2. Have a Friend Subscribe and Receive a Free Subscription!
--This is a truly amazing giveaway! For every friend of yours that signs up for either a 3 month or 6 month subscription, you will be eligible to win your own 3 MONTH FREE SUBSCRIPTION in addition to your current! When your friend signs up, have her mention your name in the PayPal comments and you will be automatically entered to win. A few rules:
a) You must already be a kit subscriber to be eligible for your friend to sign up and for you to win the free extension
b) If your friend cancels the subscription, then your free extension will be canceled as well

What am amazing deal to get 3 EXTRA MONTHS of Label Tulip kits -- a value of $118!!!

Both of these contests end 10/5/2009 so get your friends' entries in as soon as possible.

Good luck to everyone and I can't wait to see who wins! Please feel free to leave your comments here, as I'm ALWAYS happy to hear from you all, I read every single comment you leave! I'm sooooo excited for October, you're doing to die when you see the kit!!


Sep 18, 2009

Butterfly headband tutorial...

Hey, everyone! Have you visited the Label Tulip girls' gallery yet this month? Amazing creations by the team, and I'm always amazed at how different everyone's work is!

I wanted to share how I made the headband with the beautiful Etsy butterfly and gorgeous ribbon in the September kit. It's extremely easy and I really love the custom look.
I used a store bought headband and a hot glue gun! I simply wrapped the ribbon around the headband, hot gluing a little bit at a time and hot glued the butterfly on last.
My daughter just loves it and has been wearing it non-stop! I will have to make more of these. Thanks for stopping by!

Sep 17, 2009

Gratitude, Kindness, and Karma

Hello All!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to each and every one of our devoted customers, subscribers, and Tulip Girls for making my first month such a huge success here at Label Tulip. The kits sales were more than I could have ever dreamed for -- cheesy as it is to say, you like me, you really like me! I'm so glad you are finding the kits beautiful, intriguing, and challenging. Because more than anything, I want to bring out the inner artist in all of us.

Check out the Gallery!
The Design Team, or Tulip Girls, have done some amazing work and you can catch it on the gallery at . Seriously, don't miss their amazing creations....a headband? a box? a framed work of art? These girls know how to be paper artists, and that's always what I've encouraged and loved. And the WONDERFUL challenge to write a letter to your 18 year old self -- how amazingly introspective and personal a challenge, way to go! I can't wait to see what all our members come up with.

October Already?!
You all have made this the best month of my life since the birth of my daughter last year; thank you so much for that! I can promise you that October is going to be even bigger and better! I already have the Etsy Artist lined up, our Guest Artist set to go, and the kits are almost finalized...this month we will feature 4 paper vendors and a slew of embellies, 6 of them custom made just for Label Tulip. October is definitely a can't miss!

As I reflect on the past month and all the amazing support I have received from my "scrappy family", I can't help but think about Karma and the role it plays in my life. No matter what spirituality you practice, most of us believe that whatever we give comes back to us ten-fold, and whatever we take, is taken away. I have worked very hard the past year to become a better person, a giving person. I volunteer every week to answer a helpline; I give back at my child's school; and I always try to be understanding when customers have special situations. In essence, I treat others the way I would want to be treated. As we quickly move through September and into the Fall and Holidays, let's take a moment to remember to always treat as we'd want to be treated, and give as we would want to be given. It's not an easy request, but together, through our sharing and discussions on the Forums, I'm sure we can all grow in the next few months. I am going to be working on a layout about this that I will hopefully post soon.

I'm sending you all the biggest HUG possible! MWUAH!

Sep 12, 2009

Peek into September's Kits...

September's kits mark new owner, Jennifer Chau's, first kits for Label Tulip. And people, let me tell you, they look fabulous! I'm still elbow deep in mine! (And don't tell anyone, but I made a - gasp - two-page layout last night!)

I don't want to leave you hanging, so how about some peeks from the Tulip Girls?

From Charity:

From Kimberly:

From Danielle:

From me (Julie):

Doesn't it make it even harder to wait for the big reveal on the 15th!?! Just a few more days...become a subscriber so you don't miss out on any of the goodies!

Sep 9, 2009

September Daily in Progress...

Last month, I made the bones of my September Daily Album. Here's the cover:
...and a few pages from inside:

This is such an easy way to use up the bits and pieces left over from your kit. Nothing goes to waste and you've got a head start on your next project. Plus, you know it all works together, so there's no need to even think about it!

Every day this month, I've been adding photos, text, memorabilia, and whatever supplies are lying around. It's only the 9th, but here are a few of my favorite before and afters:

On the left, the bare bones page. On the right, the finished product. I used a grouping of Hambly rub-ons to add journaling spots to the top of my page.
The top is the bare bones page and on the bottom, the finished product. Notice how I tucked my photo underneath the long Chatterbox tag running across the center of the right hand page. I love the seamless look that creates!
On the right, I created an overlay page from a Hambly transparency. I love the way it frames the photo. You can see the overlay page a bit better in this photo:

This is such a fast and fun way to do your memory keeping. The next time you have kit leftovers, I hope you'll consider making a daily album!