Mar 20, 2008

Our website is working to it's full potential now, YAY!!!!

As you all know, our website was down starting Sunday, later in the evening and came back on yesterday afternoon, yay!!!! It's been a nightmare, to say at least, but we're just glad that it's back and the problems are all behind us now, whew~! THANKS to everyone for being patient through this process!! :) We really appreciate it!!

And because getting our website back up makes us GIDDY with joy, to celebrate, we're going to be giving out 1 April kit for FREE to a lucky person, all you have to do is tell us 3 kit names or themes that you think would fit LT style! Coming up with kit names has been lot more difficult than it should be so we'd like some suggestions! :) So, post on our forum and tell us the names or themes that you think would be a perfect fit for LT and be entered into a drawing to receive our April kit for FREE!! (Btw, have I told you that April kit is, by far, my favorite?!)

And to make it more exciting, any suggestions on names or themes that we end up using will get a RAK from us!! How's that for doubling your chances?!

Please post your suggestions on our forum as any suggestions posted on our blog will not be entered into the drawing!

Note: All subscribers are eligible to play. If you are picked as a winner, you'll get a refund for your subscription payment!

Edited: This giveaway is good till March 30th, and the random winner will be chosen and posted on the 1st!

Mar 18, 2008

Our server is down

completely and has been since last night.. Apparently, there were some problems with domain registar and stuff, but instead of boring you to death with all the technical stuff that I don't even understand completely myself, I'll just tell you the end result of the numberous conversation and chats with our hosting provider.

Our website should be up and running in about 24-48 hours but they did mention that most of the time, it's lot sooner than that so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Till then, if you need immediate attention, please email us at!

We apologize for the inconvenience~!

Mar 15, 2008

Mar 6, 2008

Because it just looks boring without a pic!

So I wanted to participate in the tag that Alexis has posted on her blog. I'm not technically a Tulip Girl but I can still join in on the fun right? ha.

7 Random facts.
  1. I haven't scrapbooked since Dec. 14th which was for our Dec. gallery reveal, sad, isn't it?!
  2. I like instant coffee more than those fancy ones.
  3. I used to wish that people called me fat when I was growing up cause I was so sick of being called skinny. Now I fear that people would actually start calling me that.
  4. I hate being in an elevator with people I don't know..
  5. I was tired of contacts and glasses so I got lasik. But now that I have perfect vision, I want to wear glasses again! What is the matter with me?!
  6. The geek inside me gets all giddy when it finds new functions on the computer for the first time... teehee.
  7. I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes, and can't find anything else.. how boring am I?! haha!