Mar 6, 2008

Because it just looks boring without a pic!

So I wanted to participate in the tag that Alexis has posted on her blog. I'm not technically a Tulip Girl but I can still join in on the fun right? ha.

7 Random facts.
  1. I haven't scrapbooked since Dec. 14th which was for our Dec. gallery reveal, sad, isn't it?!
  2. I like instant coffee more than those fancy ones.
  3. I used to wish that people called me fat when I was growing up cause I was so sick of being called skinny. Now I fear that people would actually start calling me that.
  4. I hate being in an elevator with people I don't know..
  5. I was tired of contacts and glasses so I got lasik. But now that I have perfect vision, I want to wear glasses again! What is the matter with me?!
  6. The geek inside me gets all giddy when it finds new functions on the computer for the first time... teehee.
  7. I've been sitting here for the last 10 minutes, and can't find anything else.. how boring am I?! haha!


kokopuffs said...

um, is it okay for me to say how weird you are??

;) wink wink.

i'm actually a little hesitant to get Lasik. I think I'm okay with having to wear glasses or contacts.

you need to get scrapping again. the natives are growing restless.

Linda said...

hahahah LOL...that is funny...the geek in me does that too. I love to find new thingies on the computer. Have a great day.