Mar 15, 2008

Come check out the gallery of a new team of Tulip Girls!

Click the photo above to see the gallery!


Anonymous said...


It seems as though the Label Tulip website is down. I tried to send you an email - but it was returned as not deliverable. I'm trying to contact you regarding the March Add-ons. I'll keep trying... Tami B.

Anonymous said...

Cindee -

I'm just writing to tell you the same thing - that your site is down.

I'll keep trying as well, but can you give an update?


debra harvey said...

no web site ? :) shame it looks so good :)

Scrappermania said...

Estoy en las mismas, he intentando accesar a la pagina web y es imposible, alguna esperanza para alcanzar un kit???

Marcee said...

WOW!WOW!WOW!You have a gallery with incredibly talented ladies! Such an inspiration:)