Oct 20, 2009

See and Scrap ...

What draws you in to a layout?

Is it the scrapbooker themselves?

The style that they use to do their pages?

I often find myself drawn to the style and or just overall scheme of it all .. there are so many talented ladies out there in my opinion that you have no time to follow a name. I honestly look at the layout, I gasp and shake my head in amazement and then I look to see who this diva is that has completely left me speechless .. of course I am a fan of many .. but I am open minded to the fact that everyone has a different interpretation of expression using paper and glue dots.

Take this month's kit for example:

we all received the same kit .. but what amazes me is how we all had a different take on the same paper .. and each produced great layouts that are still inspiring and incredible. The team is so diverse that each style expressed a different vision but left you feeling and or having the same emotion.
So what is your take on a layout? Do you feel revived and refreshed when you receive that new kit in the mail and you just take in a deep breathe and start creating .. or do you get nervous and take a step back before you indulge in the goodness .. how often do you find yourself saying .. dang I wish I could scrap like her?

Once you realize you can and stay true to who you are .. you will find and keep the fun in creating and still feel good about what you did .. no matter how many papers you can fit on one layout.

Just remember no matter what you think .. have fun creating for YOU!

Later this week I will discuss bringing life to pictures .. until then I am on quarters for 2 days with the flu.

Sasha Holloway
Tulip Girl


sylv said...

Great post!

Since I adore different scrapbook styles (simple, loaded with embellies, vintage, loaded with paint or ink...), I find myself drawn to the overall scheme as well. I also "investigate" the creators and can find myself browsing their blog/gallery for hours.

Now, as for kits, I currently have 3 subscriptions but have tried quite a few others. Some make me want to dive right in but, one in particular, is intimidating the heck out of me!...LOL. I have been receiving their kits for about a year now and think I only used one kit completely....I know, I know...LOL!

Can't wait for your next post!

JJ Sobey said...

You know what I admire about your LO's Sasha? You make it look so easy! It seems like it's effortless for you, and I can hardly wait til my scrapping comes that naturally to me!

TanishaRenee said...

Awesome LO girlie! As a patterned paper addict, I love how you mix your so effortlessly! WTG!

Danielle said...

I think I'm drawn to the overall feel of the page, and in your case, Sasha I love how your pages have such flair and convey emotion! The colors you combine are amazing and love your use of circles to give a feeling of movement! I also like when a page tells a story or feels connected...when things are pulled together and aren't floating off the page by themselves. Or an awesome photo that draws me in. There are so many scrappers that I admire, and they all have unique styles! Great topic, Sasha!

Beth Perry said...

Boo, S!!! I hope you get to feeling better!!!
And love LOVE your post and layout! I can't wait to see what all you do over here at the LT!!

Rhayne said...

There are some artists, through consistently making me oohh and aahh, who I will keep going back to to look at what they've been up to. And others that make me take a second look at first glance.

As for when I received my first kit last month… well, lets just say it wasn’t all my style and some of the papers are still sitting on my table J I’ll figure them out eventually…just not yet!

I rarely wish I scrapped like others… I tend to admire techniques vs. entire layouts. I admire many styles but figure if it’s not a style that came to me, then it’s just not MY style. As Miss Judy Garland said, “It’s better to be a first rate version of yourself then a second rate version of someone else”.