Oct 23, 2009

Picture This

So often you find yourself using the same picture on a layout. Or well okay I do ha ha. I tend to do that because I love to edit my pictures and or playing around with different softwares I have such as Photoshop Elements 7, Adobe Lightroom 2 and CS3. I try and also find quicker ways to play with photo's when I have no time.

One website I love love to use alot especially when I am designing my blog, playing with photos and just need a quick watermark is Picnik. I love Picnik. Honestly I use to use Big Huge Labs for all my mosaic tile pics but now I go to Picnik for everything. You can also use Picasa 3.

Here is an example of a mosaic photo of Elijah using Picnik the washes I used were Cross Process and 1960's option (fading the tint in and out as I wanted):

Now below I took some of the same pictures and used the duo-tone option in Picnik to play with the colors depending on what papers I wanted to use and or what I plan on doing with the layout especially when using sketches.

So remember there is so much you can do with photos and layouts. Especially if you do not own some of the pricier photo editing softwares . . go and use the free ones. Now I will say this yes Picnik is free but you can use ALL the options for a small fee for the entires year under $30.

Happy Editing.
Sasha Holloway
Tulip Girl


deana said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sasha! I have been trying to use Picnik more often for my photo editing, but had yet to use the duo tone effect! Soooo cool!

Thanks! :-)

Sasha said...

No problem .. on the Duo Tone be sure to play with the white color alot with different colors .. that is how I did the photo in the Wink layout .. and then also use cross process over your duo tones that would be so so fun ..

Have fun boo...

Beth Perry said...

Thanks, S!

Kimberly said...

LOVE your ideas and examples...such GORGEOUS photographs too! *muah*

jennifer b. said...

thanks for sharing! i will check it out.