Oct 5, 2009

The haps at Label Tulip

Well hello there!

The beginning of the month is always an exciting time for Label Tulip. Namely because of the sneak peek for the new kit! I love seeing the new kit sneak peeks.

What? You haven't seen them yet? Well, you better get on over to the main page and check them out!

Looking super cute and fun to play with!

Also, if  you haven't signed up for the newsletter, I highly reccomend that you do (on the bottom of the main LT page). Our fantabulous new Tulip Girl Coordinator Julie just rocked out a new design and it looks great!

Another benefit of the newsletter is that in addition to getting all the pipin hot LT news and updates, you get to find out who our Etsy Extra Artist is (a very cool one this month) as well as our guest designer!

And don't forget about our monthly challenge! September's challenge info is here. Remember you have until the 20th of October to play along.

And that's the haps for today. Hope your week is going well!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Christina!! Thanks for the reminders!! I will also sign up for the newsletter!
Love your sneak!