Oct 12, 2009

I hope everyone is having a great Monday and that at least some of you got to enjoy a day off from work today -- what did you do? I have been busy busy busy playing catch up here at Label Tulip headquarters (i.e., "home")! My 19 month old caught my Swine Flu, UGH, *and* it went into pneumonia for her. It definitely put life on hold for us for a few days -- she had to do breathing treatments to stay out of the hospital. I really appreciate everyone's well-wishes, Label Tulip has the sweetest members around! I also want to extend a special thank you to our International customers for your amazing patience in awaiting the September kits; the final ones are being sent out tomorrow and you will be receiving a tracking number (if you haven't already!). And let me just say, this "late shipping" incident was definitely "first month snafus" and it will *not* happen again. And how could it? There's no way I could keep the October Kits in my hands any longer than possible...they are SO CUTE!

...Card Kits! To tempt your tummies and tickle your scrappy fingers on this Monday, I have a little something to share with you. As you may recall, when I first came on board Label Tulip I announced one of our new additions would be a Card Kit and October is our first month! Our Card Kits will be "lead" by Danielle, one of our most expert card-makers. Along with heading up a Card Kit club with another kit club no longer in operation, Danielle has been published numerous times for her adorable yet practical cards that she hand-makes. The kits will contain *everything* you need to make many cards, and you will also be provided access to our online forum where Danielle will have pictures and instructions for many cards that you can make for yourself. The instructions are exclusive only to those that purchase the kit and will be available online for access at anytime. So, for anyone feeling like you might not be very good at making cards or you need a little assistance, it's right there online anytime you need it -- the cards are yours to duplicate! One of the greatest aspects of the Card Kits is that they will be versatile enough for scrapbooking layouts as well -- the kits will contain 12x12 cardstock so that you could just as easily create a layout as you could a greeting card, but I think once you see how adorable Danielle's cards are, you're going to get card-fever!

So, now, to the good stuff....here's a little sneak peek of what you'll be getting:

Oh my gosh, can ya stand it? And when you see how Danielle came up with such an original card, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to make your very own! I really hope you will enjoy October's Card Kit and those months to come; November will be very very special because we will be featuring a Holiday Card Kit and Danielle will have plenty of quick and easy ideas for you to hand make cards before the big holiday!

...Newsbreak! Keep your ears open for Label Tulip on the net during November! I can't announce anything official yet, but I should in about a week be able to tell you that we'll be featured on two web interviews -- how exciting to be able to talk about my new baby to some new, and hopefully existing, listeners.

...Contest! Don't forget that each and every month we have a "Challenge" and the winner of that challenge receives a $10 gift certificate to Label Tulip. IN ADDITION, we decided that we'd also like to feature our Challenge winner on the blog and in our newsletter as well! Look for more information in the Challenges forum!

In closing, I'd again like to thank everyone for such a warm welcome to Label Tulip. My first month was crazy, fun, stressful, emotional, and most of all -- exciting! I am so glad to be here and to be at your service; I appreicate your patience while I took my "baby steps" and I hope that you'll be even more happy with each kit.



Unknown said...

It all sounds awesome!

Vel said...

Sorry to hear about your dd but glad everything's getting back to normal for you now. Can't wait for the October reveal! :)