Sep 27, 2009

**Label Tulip Kits...get SHIMMER(Z)--ized...**

Hi everyone!!
I'm just here today to show you how much FUN I had using September's Label Tulip
kits with my favorite embellishment right now....spray on shimmer, paint on shimmer...

For instance...this layout:

I cut the large butterfly from the Hambly paper (in the add on kit) and
used temporary adhesive to hold it down as I sprayed Shimmerz (spritz)
on top of it, leaving the butterfly image.  I sprayed the entire kraft (packaging)
paper and let it dry.  (it dries really fast!) then I traced around the butterfly
and used it as my journal box. I also painted Shimmerz paint around the edges
for dimensional effect.

In this project:

I sprayed Shimmerz Spritz on the white frame I used for my fall art piece.

and for this layout:

I used Shimmerz paint to paint my letters and sprayed Spritz on top for more of a "shimmer" feel.

The gorgeous kit this month was so fun to play with and "Shimmer(z)" right UP!

I think I **might** have heard there **might** be some fun tutorials coming up?

On that note...I hope your have a very Shimmer(z)-ized day as you tiptoe
through Label Tulip...



Kimberly said...

Such GORGEOUS creative mind always AMAZES and Inspires me and so many! LOVE IT...and LOVE YOU! xoxo

Sasha said...

looking good girl .. I love it ..