Jul 15, 2009

Gallery Favorites: July!

Wow! A totally amazing gallery this month! I wanted to share my favorites from the Tulip Girls!

Leslie: What a beautiful page! I love how she stamped in white behind the photos and the colors are just divine!

Kimberly: This just jumped out of the gallery at me! I love how she cut out a portion of the lace paper and incorporated it into her title! (The green "flags" aren't too shabby either!)

Julie: Is it bragging to pick a favorite from my own gallery? This is a bit of a different style for me and I really love how it turned out!

Danielle: Just so stinkin' cute! I love the little travel scene at the top of the page! Totally awesome!

Christina: Love, love, love the painty circles! Yay! Love them!

Charity: Simple, clean, beautifully done! And the focus goes straight to the photo! Brilliant!

Anabelle: Is this the most beautiful card in the world? Seriously! It's gorgeous! I love it!

Holly: This layout is so "Holly" to me! It's sweet and delicate and just has all those little touches that I love from her work!

Donna: Wow! Totally awesome hand cutting! And I love the masking tape!

Remember, you can find tips and tricks from all the Tulip Girls on how they created their layouts here!


Joanie said...

OMG! These are absolutely STUNNING layouts!

NancyJones said...

holy smokes these are all so flippin awesome!!!! SWOOOON!

FruMaansen said...

once again - all amazing, beautiful, inspiring work! Can't wait to recevie the kit myself! :-)

Sharon F. said...

I saw you on Donna Downey's website and wanted to come over and wish you a happy birthday!

zanne said...

such beautiful layouts!

.charity. said...

Just love those projects!