Aug 24, 2009

Thank You & Cathy’s Farewell…

It’s with mixed emotions that I write to you about my departure from Label Tulip. It’s been an absolute dream come true for me to take Label Tulip and build the brand and create the kits for you every month. Scrapbooking has been a long-time passion of mine, and I feel very fortunate to work in an industry that I love!

As some of you may know, another brave endeavor that I took head-on this year was planning for my wedding. While learning about all the do-it-yourself components, I realized how much I loved the projects and the industry! Someday, I thought to myself, I’d love to apply my passion and creativity to a role in this industry. As months went by, the possibilities grew more and more appealing. I began to contemplate a life after the scrapbooking business.

As Alanis Morissette sang once, “Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you … and helping you out.” In July, I received an offer from Jennifer, who shared my passion for scrapbooking. She’s ready to translate that passion into owning a kit club, but not just any kit club – she wanted to own Label Tulip because, well, she simply thinks LT is the cat’s meow. This was a very difficult decision for me. Ultimately, I decided to accept Jennifer’s offer so I can pursue the next adventure. Parting from Label Tulip feels bittersweet, but at the same time, I am hopeful and excited about the future. I hope you will support my decision.

More about Jennifer…

She lives in Texas with her husband and two children and has been scrapbooking for three years. Prior to this, she worked as an e-mail administrator for high-profile corporations such as IBM and Dell for the past ten years. She has a strong artistic background, having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and a minor in Theater. I believe that her love of scrapbooking, academic background in the arts and strong technical experience are a perfect fit for not only continuing the operations of Label Tulip, but also taking the business in new directions and to new heights.

There are many things that had to come together to make what Label Tulip is today and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me through the years.

A heart-felt {Thank You} goes out to…

Our incredible designers, the Tulip Girls - from the very beginning, all of them have gone above and beyond in creating gorgeous, inspirational artwork and new ideas for Label Tulip! I am so honored to have had this dream team of designers – they’re truly best of the best. I will miss working with them. And I can’t wait to see their masterpieces in the future! Thank you, Tulip Girls, for joining me in this journey and inspiring all of us! Keep in touch!

Holly Hanks, TG coordinator – What can I say about Holly? It’s difficult to describe in words how much I appreciate her hard-work and dedication! You all know how creative she is, not only from her gallery, but also from the monthly challenge ideas and the Label Tulip newsletter! I wouldn’t have survived without her by my side, each and every step of the way. My gratitude goes to you, Holly, for being a lifesaver in so many ways!

Julia, my friend – Who created our Facebook community and helped Label Tulip grow! I still can’t believe that almost 1,200 members have joined We Love Label Tulip, our Facebook group, since July! Thanks for the love everyone!

My mom and Jinyong, another friend – Who generously set aside time the past several months to help me assemble the kits.

My husband – To whom I’d like to extend a special “Thanks, Honey!” He supported me in many aspects of running Label Tulip and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that things run smoothly.

Last and most importantly, YOU, Label Tulip’s customers – Thank you for supporting Label Tulip with your patronage of our products, giving us valuable input, reading our blogs, sharing your beautiful creations in the Member’s Gallery, and actively participating in our Forum, challenges and giveaways, Facebook discussions. Thank you from bottom of my heart for your continuous support and for making my life with Label Tulip so rewarding and fun!

My last day with Label Tulip will be Monday, August 31, 2009. Jennifer will assume her role as the new owner of Label Tulip on the next day. Jennifer and I have been busily working together to ensure a smooth transition. She is working hard on building her first kits, starting with September, which will include beautiful, new products from CHA. You will hear from Jennifer shortly via the Label Tulip Blog and Forum! I hope you all will support her as you have supported me!

This is my farewell, but not goodbye. I look forward to sharing each other’s creations (now that I wil have time to enjoy scrapbooking as a hobby again!).

As an endnote, I’d like to share with you some memories from my wedding. I eagerly look forward to discovering what awaits me in the wedding industry!

I really enjoyed my DIY wedding which includes: Wedding invitations (letter pressed), wedding favors (200 handmade organic soaps), programs, menus, place cards, table number, guest book, ring pillow, candy bar, out-of-town guest bags (some of them are shown in the above photos)

Thanks for letting me share them with you!

With gratitude,


Label Tulip Owner


milkcan said...

What a *gorgeous* wedding! So sorry that you're leaving LT, but sending good vibes to you for great success in your new adventures!!! xxxooo

Thanks for everything, Cathy!

KathyC said...

what gorgeous wedding photos - you're glowing. Love label tulip and thank you for starting this great kit club!

Jen Matott said...

Cathy.. it is such a blessing to do what your heart tells you is right! If I wasn't a teacher, I would love to plan weddings!!! I wish you all the best and hope you will share your creations with us!

BTW... your wedding looks gorgeous! What a beautiful site and color scheme!!! HUGS and congrats!


jacqyeo said...

so sorry to hear that you are no longer at the helm of LT. It was a really great pleasure to have been able to work with you creating stuff for the LT gallery. Your wedding pictures look incredible, and all that handmade wedding stuff is to die for! Wishing you all the very very best in pursuing your dreams!! Long live handmade!! :)

Melanie Stanczyk said...

What beautiful pictures from your wedding! You look so gorgeous and that gown---it's breathe taking!

I'm so sad to read the news about you leaving LT, but I know you are following your heart and doing what is best for you. I hope all goes well while you are pursing your dreams. Best of luck!

Jennifer Yates said...

Cathy your wedding was picture perfect! Absolutely gorgeous!!! You have rocked the Tulip kits and made me a fan for life! Good luck to you in your new adventures...if it is anything like LT is will certainly be a success!!! :))

Danielle Flanders said...

Oh my word!! You are so completely talented in every aspect...such a beautiful wedding that you put together, just like the kits...amazing!! What a beautiful bride you were!! Thank you for giving me the chance to be a Tulip Girl. I've loved working with you, Cathy! Good luck to you!

Sasha said...

LOVE the wedding pics and the ceremony looked beautiful ..

GOOD LUCK with everything ..

amytangerine said...

beautiful wedding!
best to your new endeavors, I am sure you will succeed with flying colors!

Sophia said...

Hi Cathy, it was great getting to know you over the short time I did, I think it is great you are following your heart...Good Luck in your new journey

Marianne Hope said...

Oooh, Cathy! I am in shock! You know how big fan I am of both you and your club, and you will be SO missed.

Seeing your wedding pictures, makes me want to marry all over again and hire you to make it happen:) You look so beautiful. I can only wish you all the best with your new adventures and hope that our ways will cross again. Hugs and kisses!


Stephanie Baxter said...

This makes me very sad, but I wish you all the best in everything you do. Keep in touch with everyone at LT, won't you?

P.S. Your wedding looks AMAZING.

angie gutshall said...

What a beautiful wedding! I was hoping to see some pictures. May God be with you as you start a new adventure. I just have to say LT won't be the same with out you!

Unknown said...

As one of the out-of-town guests invited to your wedding, not realizing that you were owner of Label Tulip, I was overwhelmed by the fine details of the numerous activities and top-notched "things" that you had brought together seamlessly through your wedding. (By the way, you made sure that weather in LA on your wedding day was first class too!) I enjoy reading your emotional farewell "speech" thoroughly. It must have been really hard for you to leave LT. However, I am confident that your next adventure will be just as brilliant, if not more successful. Best of luck, Cathy!!

krazgrl said...

All my best to you as you start yet another happy and exciting time in your life. Leaving something you love so much is never easy but who said life is easy? Your wedding pics are absolutely beautiful. You can tell that you put your heart and soul into it. Best wishes.

rebecca lucille said...

god speed to you and yours as you open this new door in your life!

Amanda said...

Wow Cathy.. your wedding looks absolutely stunning.. and what a gorgeous bride you are!!! .. Best of luck to you in the future!!! :)

Kimberly said...

I am so sad that you are leaving...but at the same time so excited for you following your passions too! Thank you for being such a special and wonderful caring person! I so enjoy knowing you more! xoxo
Love ya,

Joan said...

Your wedding photos are stunning and you were a beautiful bride! Good luck in your new adventure!