Jul 7, 2009

Birthday Countdown (8 More Days!), Freebie and Label Tutorial Part Two (with challenge!)

And now for part two!

But first, a little fun Q&A about me! As part of our ongoing birthday celebration, each of the Tulip Girls is going to answer a fun little questionaire so you can get to know us better. :)

1. If I could be in any infomercial, I would pick Lomography Cameras because: I think that what they do for photography as an art form and as a hobby is pretty revolutionary and cool.

2. If I could be any character from a movie, I would be Kate from French Kiss because: she lost everything and then found happiness unexpectedly. Also, she gets to live in a little stone cottage in the South of France. Does it get better than that?

3. If my life story was to be written as a novel, the title would be: Camera in Purse, Coffee in Hand; the story of an adventure.

4. I always wanted to be: a journalist.

5. If I can only give my children one piece of advice, it would be: Find your passion, or at least a hobby that you care about, and make sure you give yourself time for it frequently.

6. Three things I want very badly at the moment are: Sleep. Infinite riches. Weekend.

7. What is your process for creating layouts when you receive your Label Tulip kit? Do you start with photos, paper, a sketch, or something else? I usually have a sketch or two in mind, then I look at the photos I have and think of what would coordinate best with the products. And then I figure out what story I want to tell.

8. I had the BEST time creating this layout using a Label Tulip kit:

One of my favorites! It just really came together easily and I love the composition.

And now, on with the Label stuff! It's time to get hybrid!

Here is a link to a PDF file of digital images I have designed with a Summer theme in mind.

I used some of the images to make a very fun layout about my summer time thoughts. (Credits for the typefaces used belong to Misprinted Type.)

Don't be intimidated by the hybrid-ness. Just go for it. Print out some of these images and start playing. If you get stuck or have issues, please PM me on the Label Tulip boards and I will be happy to lend any assistance necessary. :)

I made a layout to start with, using elements from the download as well as some of the canvas labels created in the first tutorial.
Here are some of the details:

So are you ready for a challenge?

I challenge you to make some sort of artful project using the digital freebie I've created. Pages, cards, ATCs, altered stuff, whatever it is that you make, I wanna see it!

Please be sure to link your work either to the comments on this post or on the "Day 7- Label Projects" thread in the "Challenges" board. Don't forget that you can upload these projects to our Label Tulip Member’s Gallery as well.

You have until July 14 (6 p.m. PST) to submit as many projects as you’d like. We will feature the winning project in our newsletter and blog on July 15, 2009, and award the winner with this delightful prize package:
You know you want this! Look at the Thickers, and the stickers and all the rest of those goodies. Excellent.

Well my lovelies, that's all for now. Cannot wait to see what you come up with!



Danielle Flanders said...

Awesome pdf file you have created! I love it!! super cool tutorial too! I need to break out my paints more often!

emily anderson said...


i used the blue skies quote...it fit perfectly with my photo!
thanks for the challenge!

MichelleB said...

That pdf is FAB! And what a lovely prize! I'm going to have to try to do something to win this!

mystyle said...

Love the canvas tags and tutorial, thanks for the inspiration!

Marianne Hope said...

Great tutorial and I lOVE the freebies. Cool design! I'll definately try to make something with them..

schmidthouse said...

I love your layout! I love how you pulled the products together. i love this line and I may just have to do it!

yeona said...

Great pdf! I LOVE the freebies. I have to try to do something to win this!


{erna} said...

i love the digital freebie!! here's my take:

Marianne Hope said...

I made a layout as well:


feli said...
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feli said...
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feli said...

Here's my take on the challenge!
thanks for the labels! :)

cec said...

Here's my layout, which allowed me to make my first page on my baby! Thank you Christina for this FABULOUS PDF! I love them! Kisses from France...


JPScraps said...

I hope this works...Here are my entries
a card

an ATC

Elgalo said...

Thanks a lot for the pdf !

Anonymous said...