Jul 7, 2009

Birthday Countdown (7more days), Sneak Peek #4. a look at my scrappy area and a quick rubon tutorial!

This is so much fun celebrating two years of Label Tulip! Be sure to read the challenges going on and check out our facebook group for many chances at some fabulous goodies! Ready for more birthday fun?!

First, let me tease you with a peek at the main kit for July Oh, the places you'll go. This is the fourth sneak peek of our kit this month with the big reveal July 15th!

I'm really enjoying reading the responses of the other tulip girls to these getting-to-know- you questions... here are mine...

1. If I could be in any infomercial, I would pick (product name), because:
Probably something scrapbook related because it's something I really know and love... other than that maybe some miraculous skin cream.. I'd love to be the recipient of a transforming skin product and be the after photo! ha!

2. If I could be any character from a movie, I would be ______ from ______, because:
Anne from Anne of Green Gables. She seems so genuine, able to speak her mind and lived in such innocent, simpler times.

3. If my life story was to be written as a novel, the title would be:
An everyday kind of girl!

4. I always wanted to be a:

5. If I can only give my children one piece of advice, it would be:
Love Jesus with all your heart and love others as yourself

6. Three things I want very badly at the moment are:
new carpet, a nice cruise with my hubby, more time.

7. What is your process for creating layouts as you receive Label Tulip kit? Do you start with photos, paper, a sketch, or something else?
Sometimes as I'm unpacking the kit certain ideas will just pop into my head before a photo is even decided on. Other times I have a picture that I start with and work around.

8. I had the BEST time creating this layout using Label Tulip kit:

9. Show us your sneaks for Label Tulip's July kit!

(see above)

Next, here's a look at my creative space....
voila, my.... dining room. yep. We have an open floor plan in our little home and our dining room table is where I scrapbook. The fact that we eat dinner at that table nightly is a great motivation to keep my scrapping area fairly clean.Right beside the table is my craft armoire which holds much of my supplies.

I also have a few rolling plastic storage shelving unit thingies (hee) in our bedroom for overflow items. Many of my storage containers are from the Target dollar section!

Super easy, but fun wee tutorial here... using rubons. I so love rubons. I just place this floral rubon onto brown cardstock then cut out the design for an added bit of flourish for my design. The bird was created by rubbing the bird onto blue cardstock. The light color just didn't seem to show well on the light blue so I took a brown journaling pen and went around the designs on the bird. Once I cut out the bird from the cardstock I attached it to my project with pop dots.

Thanks for letting me share and hope you jump right in to all the fun challenges and things going on leading up to our 2 yr birthday! Don't forget there are some great stamps for sale during the next few days in the boutique! OH... the more you participate the more likely you will win a Label Tulip 3 months subscription!!


Michelle*G said...

These peeks are great! Love that blue tub!

mystyle said...

AWESOME LO! Love the BG pp's!

Joanie said...

LOVE your amazing layout!

Mark and Sue said...

thanks for sharing your quick tips on rubons!

schmidthouse said...

Thanx for your sharing your tips on your room storage. I will be doing a similar thing shortly and need all the help I can get. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would love to win a 3 month subscription :)
Love the basic grey and the layout.

Sandra said...

love the layering and colors - thanks for the inspiration!

Amy Teets said...

Great Peeks!

BishopsMommie said...

thanks for showing your space , lovin that LO too..