Jul 12, 2009

Birthday Count Down { 3 MORE DAYS! } Sneak #8...who likes to mix things up a bit?

Well...we are almost there!!!! ...and it just keeps getting better with LT! :)

I have a challenge for you all...you don't have a lot of time to do this, but this is an easy one that will be a cake walk for all your LT fans. I would LOVE to see you create something using a mixture of past/current kits. It can be a card, or LO...or anything at all that you are inspired to do for this challenge. When you are done, be sure to post a link of your creation here in this blog comment section...and a lucky winner will get this AWESOME LT RAK (12 American Craft Thickers) ! xo

Deadline for this challenge is 07/14/09 by 6:00pm PST...be sure to post your link to your creation in the comment section here too! xo
I am totally in this birthday mood this month...and this is what I created for this challenge:
I used one of the packing labels that came with one of my kits with this too...I love saving these bits and pieces from each kit to use some way. This was just what I needed for this card. :)

Now...as a member of this FABULOUS team...I get to share a little bit more of me with you all by answering these fun questions below. :)
1. If I could be in any infomercial, I would pick (product name), because:
Bare Minerals...because I LOVE this products! :)

2. If I could be any character from a movie, I would be ______ from ______, because:
Satine...from the Moulin Rouge...because I LOVE Nicole Kidman's character and LOVE to sing and think this would be such a FUN movie to be in.
3. If my life story was to be written as a novel, the title would be:
Me...trasparently, an open book for all to see and know.
4. I always wanted to be a:
Mom...it's really the one thing I can remember wanting to be ALL my life for as long as I can remember wanting to be.

5. If I can only give my children one piece of advice, it would be:
To let your passions guide you in life, what you LOVE to do, you will be naturally good at and succeed in it...and you will never tire from doing what you LOVE to do.

6. Three things I want very badly at the moment are:
My kids with me always
Canon 50D
A new Lens for my camera

7. What is your process for creating layouts as you receive Labe Tulip kit? Do you start with photos, paper, a sketch, or something else?
I would have to say, I print my photographs and start from there. They inspire me the most when I sit down to create. :)

8. I had the BEST time creating this layout using Label Tulip kit:

9. Show us your sneaks for Label Tulip's July kit!
Sneak of add on kit:

If you all didn't already know...I LOVE stamps! I have a fetish for stamps...and have 400+ stamps...so having them close and easy to access is super important to me. I store all my acrylic stamps in CD cases...and foam stamps in plastic tool box drawers that I hang on the wall.

Here is what they look like...

Foam stamp storage:

...and here is my clear stamp storage...I have 6 of these full of stamps:

RAK Winner

The winner for the 50 Random papers (from Leslie's post) is.......

Mark and Sue said...

Any celebration with my family and closest friends is more than enough for me :) it makes me reflect and be content and grateful for what God has given me!

Congratulations Mark and Sue! Please e-mail your address to mailto:info@labeltulip.com so we can get your prize out to you!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with for this challenge! I always love to be challenged and find my best work comes from stepping out of my comfort zone to create. :)

Have a BEAUTIFUL Sunday...and thank you for joining us for our Birthday Celebration!

Lots of love,


Danielle Flanders said...

beautiful post, Kimberly! I LOVE your b-day card! What a great idea to use the little Label Tulip sticker on your card!

Cathy R. said...

Love what you made for LT birthday card, Kimberly!!! And what?! You have 400 + stamps?!?!

Jennifer said...

Love your card!! That is super cool!

Graziela Fortes said...

Loved you stamp collection!!! I made a LO using a lot of old papers. Here´s the link, hope I can take part on this play.

Jennifer Yates said...

Beautiful creations Kim! I LOVE Bare Minerals too!! I can't believe you have so many stamps! WOW! :)

Nancywithajones said...


Sue said...

Thanks Kimberly! Your stamp collection sure is impressive - they are my favourite too but don't think I can beat the 400+ you have!

And thanks for the win - we're so excited - have emailed you already! Have a great week :)

Julie Overby said...

Hey Kimberly! Cute card and layout! I love your idea for stamp storage too.

Daniela Dobson said...

Love your card Kimberly!!! Love your stamp storage.
PS I don't have any Label Tulip kits to play with :(

Leah said...

I made a lo using June's pp and alphas...and added some embellies from some other kits...maya road velvet flowers, white flower, and the prima pearls!
Thanks for the chance to play!


Anna said...

Gorgeous card !

I don't know if this one is ok for your challenge since I only got my first kit in the mail today :-) But here is a lo I did when I came home from work.


Leah said...

I made a card today with a bunch of LT scraps!


Keely Livings said...

Love your beautiful card and layouts, Kimberly!

Unknown said...

It's been awhile since I've subbed to LT...but, I still enjoy using the scraps that I have on hand! Those kits are always loaded with stuff!

Here are my LO's!
I've been busy the last couple days!

feli said...

Here's my take on the challenge!
I combined items from the August, September and October 2008 kits...

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea! Too bad I dont have any past or present kits! Next time I will totally do this!