May 15, 2009

The Tulip Girls Are *AMAZING*

Fantastic reveal today! I wanted to share my favorites from the gallery:

Leslie: What a beautiful mini album! I love how she distressed the envelopes on one side and decorated them on the other! So beautiful! And the colors are just stunning!

Kimberly: Um, those flowers are to die for! What an amazing page border! And the photo is pretty darn spectacular too!

Holly: The cover of this album is awesome! Holly always does an amazing job mixing patterned papers, but I cannot get over outlining the letters with glitter! Genius! That's a trick I'm going to steal!

Emily: I'm a big fan of Emily's quirky style and this page just made my jaw drop. It's fabulous! I love the masking tape, the stitching, the paint, the masking...perfection!!

Alexis: Gorgeous work as always! I chose this spread because it definitely demonstrates Alexis' masterful ability to mix embellishments and add so many beautiful finishing touches to her work. The pen work is fab!

And on a personal note, I want to wish Alexis all the best. If you're reading the Label Tulip message board or subscribe to the newsletter, you know that she's stepping down as a Tulip Girl to spend more time with her family and head back to teaching. Alexis has been with Label Tulip since the beginning. She is extraordinarily talented and will be missed.

Danielle: I love the "family tree" with the frames. It's just so genius! Love that the photos are b&w, so the colors on the layout really pop!

Christina: Shhhh...don't tell her, but I think I've got a scrappy crush going on. This page is unbelievable. I love how Christina is able to mix and match disparate elements and many photos and make them work together so well!

Charity: Is this not the most amazing tree/bush/flowering thing EVER?! There's so much life in the page. And every time I look at it, I notice a new awesome detail! Wow!

Anabelle: Wow, wow, wow! The design of this layout made me grin from ear to ear! So cool and so clever! I love the whole thing! (Plus the use of the turtle is brilliant!)

Let us know what your favorites are too!


Anonymous said...

every one is fantastic!!! i am so sad that Alexis is leaving :(

Kimberly said...

You are the BEST! I just LOVE ya...and think EVERYTHING you create is FANTABULOUS! xoxo