Apr 23, 2009

April Inchies Mania

Inchies have been around the crafting scene for awhile, but I only heard about them recently as they are apparently are making a comeback in popularity. In fact, I have heard it said that inchies are the new ATC.

I love making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and so naturally, I was intrigued by the idea of playing with inchies.

What is an inchie, you might ask? Well basically, they are teeny tiny little pieces of art. They are one inch square in size, which is where they get their adorable name.

Typically inchies feature collage and stamping, although fabric inchies have been known to be popular with quilters and mixed media artists.

Inchies are the perfect way to use up your scraps. Due to their smaller size, in theory they can be faster to make than a full-sized ATC. Making inchies is also a great excuse to break out your one inch square punch. Here are a few that I made with the April kits:
There are plenty of inspirational resources online if you would like more information about inchies, including an Inchies Flikr Group.

Here are a few more photos of the inchies I made using the April kits:
So what do you do with an inchie after you make it? Plenty of things!
- put a grouping on a canvas (and display with pride)
- swap with other inchie artists
- use as an embellishment on a card or scrapbook page
- turn them into magnets
- make into a pendant
- embellish a bookmark
- begin a collection and start making a lot more!

I hope this project inspires you to make your own teeny tiny works of art.
I would love to see what you make!
Have a great day and have fun creating!


Kimberly said...

Those are AMAZING! Love everything about them...so inspiring! xoxo

Danielle Flanders said...

These are fabulous and I agree with Kimberly, you are so inspiring!

Charity Hassel said...

way coooool!!!!

Mary - said...

oh wow! these are totally amazing. i am so inspired - to make my own inchies projects. thx fo the inspo christina! :) m-

Nicole said...

WTG Christina, I love them!

SuzanneRenee said...

wow I love this idea! thanks for spreading the news on this, I had not heard of them!!

Anabelle O'Malley said...

I LOVE these!!!

Unknown said...

those are super cute!