Feb 19, 2009

**Show ME Your SPACE**

I'd LOVE to see where YOU create!

Let me introduce you to my little space I like to call my
scrapbook paradise :D

See I told you it's itty bitty...but it's where I love to be & create.
My fave thing in my space? My home made shelves! My talented husband
created those for me! Isn't he the best? :D
(A couple of things have changed in here though...I've only got 1 lamp on my desk
and the laptop is kaput...it's been replaced with a new desktop.)
Let's see yours!
Just upload to the Label Tulip Forums & link us up! :D


the6horns said...

i just posted mine on my blog a couple days ago. www.queenlauraofcastle.blogspot.com Feel free to check it out!

Holly said...

Geez Leslie! Your organizational skills put my craft room to SHAME! Mine is the middle of a remodel, but I posted a picture of the one clean corner of it on the LT forum. ;0)

Cathy said...

Wow! Are you sure you didn't clean up before you took these photos? = ) You are super organized! Love your space!

Leslie Ashe said...

that picture is taken RIGHT after a huge reorganization & clean up! :D

I'm even in the process of another one soon...I'm moving a few things around and adding a few more shelves...I ran out of room!

Thank you girls!

janet said...

Love the room, Leslie!! Puts my little corner to shame!!

Sophia said...

OMG!!! That is amazing!!! I totally love your space! Can I come stay in your scrap room??? :P I'm inspired by your organization!

Woodberries said...

I love the desk and table. Would you mind sharing where you got them?

It looks very nice!

Marianne Hope said...

I have a weekly posting about my studio every thursday on my blog, where I post tips and clever ideas for storage and organizing: