Jan 8, 2009

How do you. . . . . . ?

Organize your stamps? Yup, those yummy stamps you get from Label Tulip every month? Let me show you mine :)

I 'lifted' the idea from a girl at one of the forum I frequent, and it works beautifully, at least for me.

See those clear pockets? Got them from Daiso, our $2 store with all the goodness and cuteness of everything from Japan (i think! LOL).

Many different sizes available.

I dump the stamps that come in set into a single pocketed page.

Yup, like these alphabets.

And the 4 pockets clear page with my Label Tulip stamps! Perfect eh?

All these pockets stored in a ring file, clearly I need to buy another file as this one is choking, but you get the idea :)

What's your system? Do share!

Clear Stamps Storage at LT Forum


Ruth Philps said...

They look really cool like that especially for the loose stamps I have laying around. Wish we had a dollar store that sold those!!

Mel G said...

I love those envelopes!!!