Dec 2, 2008

Creative Mess.. *WINNER* Announced!

G'mornin' all!  Sasha has asked me to announce the winner of her very cool contest and who will be receiving that VERY cool prize pack!  I loved checking out the giveaway thread and seeing everyone's scrap spaces... no matter what condition they were in! :D  Thanks to everyone who participated and shared their pictures, and just know that we've ALL been there, and don't believe anyone who says they haven't. ;)  ha ha!

Here we go.... the winner is... du da dahhhhhhh........ Staci!!  YAY Staci, please pm Cathy your addy so she can get your prize in the mail to you!  Congrats girl!!

And just because I feel like I cannot make a post without including some kind of picture, I've pulled a few of my favorite exclusive LT stamps that are for sale now until Dec 10th in the LT Boutique!


Have a great day! :)


Staci said...

Oh wow! Thank you SO much!! I can't believe the fact that I am a disorganized slob was actually good for something, lol!! Thanks again!!

Cathy said...

Congrats, Staci!
Your rak will be on your way :)