Dec 29, 2008

Buttons, Buttons & MORE Buttons...

Hi everyone! Leslie here...
I thought I'd share a little tiny tutorial on the button balls
I've created lately...

All you need is:
1. styrofoam ball of any size (I used both 2.5 inch & 3 inch balls)
2. buttons!
3. pins (any color...)

and these are optional..
if you want to hang your balls (for an ornament) you'll need:
4. paper clip
5. ribbon

Let's get started:

It's so easy...

Just take your styrofoam ball and start pinning buttons.
I started in a circle going around my ball. Then I just added layers among layers of buttons.
You need to make sure your buttons you're using have at least 2 holes.

Here's a few I did for my Christmas tree this year:

and how cute are they in a bowl? I have them sitting in a mini collander on my scrap desk...

Here's one I made for an ornament swap I was in at Label Tulip!
So the possibilities are ENDLESS!!
You can make them year round. They don't necessarily have to be for Christmas!
Also - you can put buttons ALL the way around with no ribbon...
That would be SO CUTE for a table centerpiece!!
Happy Button making...
thanks for letting me share,
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Oh how pretty!!

Mel G said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! I'm so happy that I got one in the ornament swap!!

Dena said...

Cute cute balls Leslie!!
Those are adorable :)

Craft Fairy said...

These are fantastic. I've never seen anything like them before.