Nov 10, 2008

Bringing you a little Cheer today!

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share a little project I did not too long ago for my sister who was recovering from a major surgery. I wanted her to have a little bitty something she could see next to her.

This project comes from something I learned to make a couple of years ago -- a button bouquet; only this one's a mini version....

It only takes a little bit to make, it's something fun and it will surely brighten someone's day. Or your own desk if you wanted :D

Here's what you will need to get started:
1. a little tin or in my case I found this little teapot in the $1 bin at a local craft store.
2. buttons galore!
3. wire (I used 22 gauge, it's a little thicker)
4. ruler
5. scissors or wire cutter
6. styrofoam
7. ribbon (optional)
1. Cut wire 12 inches and fold over (where it becomes 6 inches)
2. thread wire through buttons (buttons must have at least 2 holes), pushing buttons all the way to the end (you want to see a little loop at the very tip). You can have as many buttons as you want. I used a variation. It depends on how tall you want your "flower".
3. twist wire all the way to the end. If you think it's too tall for your tin or pot, cut at the end.
(I made some taller than others)
4. put styrofoam in bottom of your pot so you can have something for your stems to stay put without moving around.
5. place your flower stems in the pot and arrange how you want.
6. add ribbon around center, the handle, or the stems themselves. It's up to you, let your creativity take control!!
Here's the one I made:
another view:
and a top view:
Hope you have fun & that this brought you a little cheer today!
Thanks for letting me share with you, ~Leslie


Cindee said...

What a great use of all those buttons lying around!! I bought a ton a while ago but never tend to use them! I gotta give this a try so that I don't feel so guilty about buying them, lol!

Amy said...

Your little bouquets are so adroable!! It most certainly has brought me cheer and made me smile today! And I have so many buttons I am going to have to give this a try!! Thanks for the idea for a little permenant flower pot on my desk!

Mia said...

OMG! Les! That is sooo cute! I totally need to make one of these! I have way too many buttons and this is ingenious!

Cathy R. said...

Super cute! the colors make me happy too! Thanks for the great idea~!!

Mel G said...

i have a huge jar of buttons that i need to start using, this is the perfect project!!!!!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO stinkin' adorable!!

Cindee said...

I keep coming back to just look at all these colors, soo yummy~!

Holly said...

GORGEOUS! Great tutorial, Leslie! :0)

Leslie Ashe said...

You guys are SO SWEET!! Thank you!! :D

Anonymous said...

These button bouquets are fantastic! I know just what to make my friends at work for a little pick me up!

Anonymous said...

this look lovely :)

Anavon Harris said...

This is so cute... What a great idea!

HeathersHobby said...

Absolutely adorable! Thanks for a great blog with terrific ideas!