Jan 15, 2008

I admit

I am horrible at this.
At updating the blog.
But I will take another attempt at this thing.
I will try.
I will....

(But if I fail again, promise not to hate me?! lol!!)


Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

no problem - all is forgiven now and later. I am not very good at updating my blog either!!

nichole said...

i am so excited to find this club! i am pretty new to the blogging/scrapbooking/creative world of wonder thing... and to get a kit every month to help it perfect.
i did have one question, when do you add on the cardstock packs or other stuff..
i didn't see it in your schedule... but that doesn't mean it wasn't there!
and good luck with keeping up with the blog...
thanks for the ideas the gathering of great product and so on and so forth....