Jul 27, 2007

We're back from CHA and we've got GOODIES!!

Thanks to the generous vendors, we were able to get our hands on some brand-spanking new stuff!! As of now, we have 5 CHA packages available for giveaway... We know all of you were dying to get a glimpse! Don't they all look great??
Sooo, let's make a deal..!!

You guys pick the answer you agree most with from the list below on what your thoughts are on projects...
(choose A, B, or C)

A) I like to see mini books or any kind of alterable items in the add-ons.

B) I prefer mini books or any kind of alterable items in a separate project kit.

C) I don't care for any mini books or any kind of alterable item.


tell us what customer service means to you.

Then we'll pick the 5 lucky people who will receive one wonderful CHA package. That's it!! We are looking forward to all of your insights...

*All entries received before August 05, 2007 will be eligible for the drawing


Wendy Jo said...

My choice would be "A". I think it was mentioned on the LT forum that you were considering multiple add-on sets for monthly kits with different price ranges. Give it a little time and see how that works. If those add-on packages with the mini books/alterable items are selling out quicker then expected, then overtime you can add a separate kit as another option. As for customer service, your right on track. LT is taking suggestions and giving answers on a regular basis on the LT forum and through emails. Continue to keep your customers in the loop and we'll keep coming back for more.

Wendy Jo said...

...oops! How could I forget to mention that you found some really cool stuff at CHA. Me bad.

em said...

(B) ... it adds weight which ultimately adds costs (i'm international customer so it matters lol )
customer service = putting customers first and accepting feedback whether good or bad with grace. like Wendy said , u guys are doing great ! :)


nicole said...

I would say choice A - love more options.
Customer service to me means communication with your customers - if there is good communication via email, the site, or otherwise customers are more likely to be satisfied with their experience.
Can't wait to see the progression of your site!

Je said...

I choose B, I like to have the choice to either buy the paper kit or the project kit, or even both if they're appealing!
As for customer service, in this particular area, for me it means shipping international with reasonable prices. We see so much out there, but very little actually can get to us without selling our souls! Lol!
Well, that's it. Hope it helped.

Amy Teets said...

I would say (B)
Customer Service is prompt attention to any questions or issues that I may have.

A Saucy Lady said...

I would vote A.

I think it would be easier to remember that there were other projects/books available if they were included as an add-on instead of a separate project. I would look at the current kit available before I would look at separate projects to purchase. For me (or someone else new) it would be easier to see on the site or an email that there was an add-on for that month's kit. Some kit clubs tend to send out one email for the kit, another email for the project, and another email for whatever special there is. I, personally, tend to read only the emails about the kits and gleam over the others sent. I think that by marketing the projects with the monthly kit it might also give someone a further idea of what to do with the current month's kit. Think of it as an impulse buy. Kind of like when you’re standing in line at Target with that one package of toilet paper and when you walk out you have a magazine, a deck of playing cards, a Tide pen, some gum, and a $1 toothbrush.

I think customer service begins with anticipation and ends with communication. I think that anticipating a customer’s needs/wants is first and foremost, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. If some part of a kit is running behind, then the communication can be as simple as an email or blog posting saying, “Hey, we’re missing a product for the kit, there might be a delay”. I dropped a kit club that I thought was a great deal and I loved because I never knew month to month if/when I would get something because the owner took so long to communicate any delays. I am fine with delays as long as I know they are coming.

Vee said...

a is my choice, love me some mini's :)

Lexi said...

I would also choose A. I love little mini projects that go right along with my scrapbooks. Then I can work on a small project after finishing a great page! That is pure satifaction!
CS means that you are treated fairly and politely. I really don't like it when people treat me poorly just because of mis communication. Treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect no matter the differences.

BTW~Love the new site...Cool!

Kim said...

My choice would be A) I like to see mini books or any kind of alterable items in the add-ons
because add-ons usually coordinate in some way with the monthly kit, so everything can be used together...use stuff from the kits with your alterables and vice versa.

As for my two cents on customer service, it's all about communication and promptness. Let your customers know when problems arise, as well as when you acheive certain milestones; respond to issues that have been brought up and make every effort to resolve them quickly. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than the feeling of being ignored or brushed off.

quietly going mad... said...

I like choice number A I mostly do mini's but I am starting to love layouts too. Customer service is about being there, replying in a prompt manor and listening to your customers request ( although they are not always correct). I think you guys are right on top of that so far too. I received my kit in like 2 days which by far put on top of my list.

Sigmagirl said...

I love mini albums and alterable items in a kit. In my opinion, add ons don't really sell. Maybe when the kit is out there more, they will be necessary, but the more you can put in a kit, the more desirable it is. I am thrilled with the first kit and can't wait to see more. I love that you are asking us for input and you girls are right on when it comes to being seen in the forum and on the web promoting the product! Thanks!

ania said...

My answer is A - minibooks are fun and cool but there's only so many you kinda want to make (at least for me) - a mix and variation on what the projects are is good!

Customer Service - swift answer, always polite, always into solving things, and if you add generouseness on top (I know it can be hard at times but you're generally better off with positive gossip rather than negative even though it wasn't your fault) that's what customer service is about to me. Also, being ahead when it comes to making sure packages are stury and stuff is a BIG plus - I'm sorry but I hate companies who does bubblewrapletters only on papers etc and crosses their fingers it'll be fine - give us cardboardboxes if we have ordered papers! It's a part of the CS to me at least :)

Cheers and good luck!! :)

Ania from Norway

RiNNE said...

I would go with answer "A." I love getting altered items, and it will encourage us to try different things, like mini-albums while using your kits. I think including it into your kit will allow us to think "outside of the box." The more unique the altered item, the better!!

And customer service is all about being accessible to your customers. Your forum is always prompt with answering questions--I know because I go there all the time. I find that a lot of other people have similar questions or thoughts that I have, and I don't even have to ask as you're so quick to answer them. Also, having great customer service is about encouraging others..we constantly see you comment on the forum whether it's on the current l.o. on the gallery to the latest issue on the forum. Can't wait to order the next kit!!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say "B" - I would like the "choice" to purchase the mini-book or alterable item or not...I'd rather get more of your chosen product in the kit.

As far as customer service, you are on the right track!! Asking your customer their preferences and then utilizing those replies, means you truly "care" about your customers!

-Cheryl S.

Cheryl said...

Oops...I left it as anonymous...its me! :)

Nicole Carro said...

Definitely "A" for me. I love minis and generally like alterable items - if I see one in an add-on kit that's a must-have I'd definitely purchase it. Right now, I'd love to see a clear acrylic mini and some related goodies in an add-on kit. As for customer service, you girls are on the right track already - asking for input from your customers. Superb customer service always involves prompt and clear communication with customers. and P.S. you're kits rock!

Erin H. said...

My choice would be "A", as I love the idea of the add-on options of any kind.
As far as customer service goes...to me it means above average communication is provided by both parties...after all both parties are gaining something if communication is easily and clearly accessible. Example: monthly kits....customer is able to easily navigate through site and purchase easily, as well as make contact with vendor(s) if questions/problems arise. Vendor(s) gain by providing the navigation of site easily and providing excellent, open communication. Sale and service with communication = a win, win situation! BTW...LOVE the CHA selection!

tell us what customer service means to you.

Kiki said...

I'd also chose (A), as an add-on. I think it's positive to get the option together with the kit and not having to see through all other items, but in the same time having the choice whether or not to take it every time.
As for customer service, what I expect/ appreciate the most is speed (when I've ordered scrapping stuff, I want it asap, pretty much "yesterday" ;) ), flexibility, reasonable (international) freight cost and good packaging! And of course quick response to questions that may appear and a friendly "face" at the other side of my e-mail-box :)

Kiki in Norway

Carolyn said...

I think it would depend on the project. If the colors/accessories coordinate with the current kit make it an add-on. If not then make it a separate project pack. I only want to see it included with the kit if the price stays low. Oops, guess that wasn't the correct way to answer! Ha! If I have to choose I will say B.

Customer service is about listening and communicating. Are you available to answer questions and correct issues? Show your customers that you appreciate their business with thank you notes and maybe the occasional goodie.

So far it looks like you're doing great! I can't wait to see the next kit!

Kathrine said...

My choice would be A!

Customer service - above standard I would say, by that I mean not only doing what one HAS to, like packing stuff properly and not missuse any pay-systems - but having a generous "there for you" kinda approach to the customers, listen to feedbacks (like this), replacing products if missing or broken (with some extra goodies on top), and also; answering mails as soon as possible.

Love the new CHA goodies!

tonya said...

I would say 'A'. I agree with the first comment. Of course the thing about multi add ons.....I might want them ALL. LOL
Customer service to me is: When a company does whatever they can to help their customers. Also making the customers happy, listening to feed back (which you are doing) and caring about what their customers what, need, both.

Vibeche said...

I choose "A".
I think customer service is: When a company do whatever they can to help their customers.

anita said...

"B" would be my choice. I would like to choose between paper kits and project kits or both :o)Especially since I'm a international customer.

As for customer service, it means to me that the customer is your first priority. After all it is them that you live by. If they are happy they will tell their friends about you and you will get more customers. :o)


Ann Hedvig said...

My choice would be C, I never use these if I get them, and never buy.

Customer service is everything from a company, bad customer service, and I will not return. But if they do give me good service, answers questions and helps me out, I will for sure be a very good customer in the future :)

ethel said...

I say B.

And concerning customer service I would say answering questions in reasonable time. Trying to help if any problems should occur for the customer.

Keep up the good work - your stuff is GREAT, looking forward to my first kit!

ToneF said...

I would say (B)
I love minibooks and all kinds of altered items, but I never seem to have time to do them besides the regular layouts...

Customer service to me means, first of all - communication.
It is so important I think to respond quickly to the customers questions.
And I think it is also important that thigs are sent out rether quickly after the order has been past. I live in a town without any scrapbook supply store, so I always have to order on internet, and therefore I depend a bit on delivery time ;)

And bye the way, lovely stuff you have there :D

Have a nice evening.

Tone :D

Erin R. said...

I think that a separate kit would be awesome so that you could buy it all by itself.

Anonymous said...

Is this still open? Anyway, I'll still answer :)

I'd choose C. but only because mini-books are just not my thing. I think I've only made 2 in the past 3 years. And I only alter every now and then.

Customer service, to me, means being polite, attentive and responsive at all times and at any cost to me, the customer. I believe it's pretty easy to achieve that goal...but sometimes retailers get caught up in the minutia rather than getting back to the basics.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice our opinions :)

-Amy, Syracuse, NY

Beth S said...

I am looking for kit clubs that offer a unique products and ideas for mini books. I scrap bigger sizes, but I love the creativity that can be put into a minibook project and it feels so good to complete a photo project in a short amount of time. I haven't gotten into the altering craze too much.

CS is what usually makes or breaks a company for me. Everything is fine and dandy until something goes wrong. When an item is missing or needing replaced, the promptness of communication and the willingness to work with the customer is what keeps people coming back.

I am currently shopping for a new kit club and happened across this site. I like what I see so far! :)